Black Is Back (The Will Smith Version of The Men In Black 3 By Pitbull) - SINGLE

by Former Fat Boys

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released May 20, 2012


all rights reserved


Track Name: Black Is Back (The Will Smith Version of The Men In Black 3 By Pitbull)
that's what i thought
guess you forgot
no fingerprints
you never saw what you saw
black suits
ray bans
alien glee clubs doing dance hands
don't laugh, this ain't for laughs
the men in black is back to protect the past
saved the kids, now its boomer moms and dads
with 3D effects like lazer cats
cuz the a,b,c's of temporal defense
are just j and k
can you be that dense
the incredible
usually inedible
federal undercover brothers
from other mothers
in general
we always win
we'll do it again
back to go back to the 60's and defend
our planet god dammit mib 3
worth ten bucks even if critics pan it ugggh

black black black black is back
black black black black is back
black black black the black suits are back
to protect the future we goin black to the past
save the future
save the future baby
big will saves the future baby
fresh prince saves the future baby

no script, no problem
i'm 20 mil will
your top's my bottom
you forgot, i neurolyzed you
cuz yeah number 2 was a number 2
but my twos don't stink
they float to the top while C7 battleship sinks
sorry liam
you're taken a beatin
peegee13 under 12's gotta sneak in
this is one for the ages
better than licking popcorn off the floor would be
3rd time's the charm no ignoring me
cuz tommy lee and me travel time
we came back to 69
wait no, that came out bad
perfect time to mention my new ray bans
protect from sun rays, and alien sprays
just $199.99, cheap for shades
better see it now, you're prolly already bored
and if you don't go, there won't be a part 4

and now we gonna pander to all the kids who
love skrillex
hell, even Jada's got her hairstyle
that's a dude?

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