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The Legend Of Hard Corey

by Schooly Bus presents Former Fat Boys

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hard corey, he's got guns he's gon kill everyone hard corey, locked and loaded cocked and bloated, where's he goin hard corey he's got swords he's coming for my ass and yours no one's safe cept cuddly things NOT hard corey's out to kill everything hard corey's waving nun chucks smacking bad guys, grabbing dumb sluts he's so hard, yet he's so soft i offer help, but get waved off hard corey's cockslapping people a sideways church, swinging its steeple smacks one moves on does it again please allow me to introduce, ladies and gentlemen this is the tale, this is the story, this is the legend of hard corey leaps tall buildings in a single plane they call him hard corey cuz that's his name get out of his way cuz his mind is warped played to many video games and not enough sports and he's got a sword he won't be ignored he's fucked up slashing, gashing caffeine doped up and his mom says no but she's ignored hard corey keeps on cuz this is war rural areas farms and such cows chickens giraffes corn cobs for lunch taking out towns, follows his hunch innocent civilians knocked out with one punch kills a bunch, pauses his hunt finds the scent, hard corey's works never done moves on looking for more fun heads westward towards the setting sun look out everyone, best get moving hard corey's superhuman, never losin always hard, in your backyard you can't run or hide if he's pulled your card corey's a rebel not giving a shit puts on his glasses sees the world in 8 bit fingerblast your bitch, like he was captain N only watches reruns what's happenin he's blastin cats, while he's tappin ass bitches don't stand a chance in his habitat inspect that pussy he's a wise ass owl always askin me why i'm so low brow dick's low to ground so low key lord of fuck doing miracles for free raising the dead with surreal beats hard corey's for dinner, he beats your meat more sped up then dennis quaid stuck inside your head like its innerspace the kids crazy, the kids racous, the kids nuts, they hang out when he's walking through his shorts or his pants, its doesn't matter which drags em on the cement if they starts to itch twirls em round his head like a bolo whip then he poof disappears like he's tygra's kid and his mom's cheetarah cuz he sees the past losin his hair's all part of the plan part lex luthor part clark kent the first bald superman frank miller presents the future of heroes, the real dark knight muhammad ali, george bush, vanilla ice hard corey vs. them and iron mike you tell who me who would win in a fight the odds are sick, the bets are big the crowrd goes wild when he enters the ring he's kills all comers, then kills don king hits the buffet and doesn't leave a thing leads his horse to a river, makes it drink, makes its walk, makes it stand up, makes it fart even makes it talk behind his beard ain't another fist just a bunch of chins sidekick out of nowhere cuz he's stealing this schtick chuck norris walks in feeling kinda cliche corey rips his throat out, and walks away body destroyed like corey planned this chuck reunited with jonathan brandis sheaths the kitana he brandished ninja vanish, like tatsu, except corey dances hard corey doesn't sleep he masturbates surround by a hundred hoes with tiny waists and the girls crowd around get it all on they face cuz he eats pineapple for the aftertaste and i'm gonna be his sidekick so i'm lifting weights and i bought a couple suits alls we need is capes
its crazy this girl's got me wrapped around her little finger she's skating through my dreams, but i can't say i've ever seen her she's got an attitude, she's got a fantastic butt but i'm playing with knives, so i just may get cut cuz these are the details of my precious little life as i try to find a way to make it all work out right its like its all been paused and she just pushed the start i can take on ganon now, her potion refilled all my hearts all these evil exes and no exits to run to the old 1, 2 its only forward can't go back no control z to undo cuz i got a crazy ex who's slightly underage, filled with rage obsessed with my sex bob-omb on and off the stage and what i lack in confidence, i make up in spazz and when of flying array of demonic hipster chicks attacks i'll just reflect their blast, send it back cuz i'm that smooth i guess i can't lose i'll fight these bad dudes cuz she's got 7, 7, 7 evil ex boyfriends and they're coming and i'm running and i'm trying to defend her honor and her life cuz i've never lost a fight and I ain't gon start tonight they'll drop hard when i hook right cuz she's got 7, 7, 7 evil ex boyfriends and they're villians, super villians so this just might be the end so i grab on to her hand jam out with my band it may look like i'm losing but that's all part of the plan this must be punishment for my seven deadly sins that i committed cuz a little envy's doing me in like i'm samson, she's delilah, i get a new haircut i die cuz that's my weakness and this week is not my week cuz i am sleepless between, lisa, envy, knives, kim, ramona, and winifred and 7 evil exes i'm worried my destruction is iminient i need lives unlimited, cuz i need wins not useless points with no bus fare, a long walk home unless i score me some coins cuz i just wanna say i love you like i'm mario she's peach but i'm feeling like a toadstool just staring at my feet and i keep getting letters spelling my impending doom but i just throw em in the trash cuz i am about to go boom on her its like i'm embattled in an epic quarrell its like i'm jonathan strange but there's 7 mr. norrells its like playing contra without 30 lives, i'mm a die mission impossible and i'm tom cruise now, not 95 i can't win, there's an ex girlfriend now i can't hit a chick where do you punch e m, can't kick her ass, can't punch her tits shit if only i could find it, on this subspace road, a cheet code for something from the gilded house of flying burritos, mmm burritos i'll use my bass guitar to whoop that vegan's ass manipulating sound waves like the boys and crash and i'll take down that famous actor and score his autograph and if she lets me grab her boobs i'll have the last laugh on her
SHe's needs a Batman and I'm just Bruce Wayne I've got some cash But I gotta up my night game She needs a Superman And I'm too Clark Kent She's got that stamina All too quick I'm all spent (i come too fast like wally west) She's needs a superman stopping bullets blocking spam he does it all even defeats the foot clan she's got expensive tastes an absurdly tiny waste and its like her boobs protrude up to her gorgeous face she's like a barbie doll wonder woman bratz child its like she can't exist like i'm on the x files its not a porn flick but she makes the porn chicks look just like the girls who were born with no tits she's ridiculous some villians up to vicious tricks cuz no girl that looks like this means it when she gives me a kiss its twisted resistin is overloadin my system i'm lifted into her mission now listen this is my admission SHe's needs a Batman and I'm just Bruce Wayne I've got some cash But I gotta up my night game She needs a Superman And I'm too Clark Kent She's got mad stamina i come too fast like wally west she needs a superdude a man of steel with an attitude she needs a hero a zero just will not do she needs a superguy someone who can make her fly take her up into the sky cuz she's already oh so high she needs nothing she's something she's my sarah ten and i pretend we're just friends i'm failing this experiment cuz i'm staring at not her eyes her spandex suit lets nothing hide i'm just an average guy i think i need a new disguise a new persona she's my ramona flowers i suspect she's got powers she's skating through my mind when its locked after hours and then there's my knives chau the girl i've got now she'll probably have a cow and wanna take my new girl down if we go out and hit the town she's needs a spiderman and i'm just peter parker even with the symbiote she wants me a little darker she needs an iron man and i'm just tony stark she wants someone to shock her but i just ain't got that spark she's needs a superhero she needs a freak of nature she needs something special the average joe just cannot date her she needs a superboy a couple clones just to enjoy that's probably not enough love she'll probably need a couple toys she needs a justice league she needs a whole team gather the avengers she'll take em on at full steam i'm talking tony and peter and bruce steve hank carol jessica drew she's into girls too there's nothing she won't do if you only wanna 3 she'll just laugh kinda sweet then she'll start to leave telling her no is like pressing control alt delete please appease her every whim and request if you wanna see her breasts you better have an S on your chest cuz she's not into money she's not into fame she's into guys who are afraid of villians learning their name you're mr. invisible date if you ain't got a cape normal guys wait but if you fly, say hi you cannot escape she needs her own robin and I'm just jason todd outta my league i can't compete yeah i'll be dead on the job she needs a green lantern and i'm too hal jordan she likes me bad, but now i'm good and i'm kinda boring she needs a green arrow but i'm just ollie queen i got a billion bucks but thats not her favorite green she needs the wonder twins but i'm just plain zan i can get her wet but she says she needs another hand
Abduct Me 04:10
Junk Food 03:59
girl you're boyfriend's not good for you i'm broccoli he's junk food i'm home cooked, he's mickey d's so drop that heart attack and diet please you gotta believe me I'm telling the truth you need to diet you got dead weight to lose doesn't matter what he do, he's not good for you girl your boyfriend is junk food girl you're boyfriend too much salt girl you're boyfriend is cholesteral all in all he's bad for your heart be smart let him go cuz we got a spark so you say you got a man now and that's fine but i heard from your friends he's a bad guy you're the taco bell onions he's ecoli he started off a spud, now he's a large fry he still tastes good, but your not sure you should chow down and risk indulging further hurt but if you could take a second and let me get into your head with this awesome jam that'll really make you spread so i can raise you up a peg, bring you down like jenny craig I'm Corona Zero, so go on drink a keg i'll be your man that 's pure cane sugar he's corn syrup you'd prolly rather eat a booger so indulge in dull with your hostess man let him stuff you up, or you can switch to bran cuz now don't look at me like that, i'm not calling you fat its just I think the food you're used to is potentially quite bad i'm not saying its your fault, it tasted good at first but am I really wrong when I guess you'd like to try reverse and go back, switch gears, swap, trade, upgrade countrytime is nice, but I'm simply lemonade I'm rooty tooty, fresh and fruity He's TV dinners right to your booty I'm a protein smoothie, jamba juicey if my nutrition facts are wrong have the FDA sue mek i'm former fat boy so I should know i've been you before, i've over indulged Completely gluten free Anti-oxidants are me si soy acai, I see what you need I'm berry berry yummy He's pounds right on your tummy the buzz is i'm you're honey, don't be a dummy hunny spit him out why leave a bad taste in your mouth you better get me now just may sell out may sell out i'm a happy meal with extra value added completely organic, taste is orgasmic, you have to have it don't wait to switch, abandon ship or buy some spandex cuz they'll be calling you titanic so girl eat your wheaties get off the path to diabetes add it up like archimedes i'm what you should be eating
i turn beats into legends of smith and wessons poppin off, do sins in sevens downing slurpees at 7-elevens i'm a touch the heavens throw lightning bolts they won't find your remnants i got the weapons and guns and stuff i'm wearing rubber gloves i'll shoot you in the face with a gun I don't know the name of you fucking tickled me first you picked the fight you think you wanna play chess, but I'm fucking Chris Night bored with life, finding myself are you prepared if gravity reverses itself my back packs got jets they call me sucksex straight a's, i think so good they call me the test tehy call you leguizamo cuz you're only a pest catch me if you can, cuz I'm cashing bad checks staying two steps a head, my plan is complex you unleased a monster trying to tickle my chest you think you're tracks the best, but you're missin finesse like a high school prom with out the sucksex like european porn without all the czech's so don't tickle me get that in your head besides, corey's funnier tickle him instead same name as the pirate roberts yo you can call me dread my words like iocane powder, defeat your evil beat your giant and your spaniard and all your people i win land wars in asia, i'm unbelieveable (OHHH) tickle me and get away..nah inconcievable you'll get me shaking and quaking twiching and flinching michael j. fox looks like a statue when i'm hit with the tickling like an epileptic on crack there's no turning back, tickle me motherfucker, and I'm kicking your ass heroes live on motherfucker, but legends never die have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight motivated by vengence I'll get back hide under your bed for a late night attack when i was born the doctor was like oh shit this kids got a nature to which no nuture would stick hanging around in cetral park like its home alone 2 with a fat bird lady trying to catch avian flu and give it to you achoo, yeah that's what I'll do like michigan after a loss, staggering yellow and blue You're green fucker i'm thinking you gonna puke raped so bad you'll think I play for Duke revenge is mmm good like a can of campbells soup
this is for everyone who's been alive and just lived, everyone who's got a future and a past everyone with time to go before they die, you gotta play to win get past the boss gotta save the princess whatever the cost grab that one-up win the game warp a few levels enter your name you got the high score don't get sloppy, pracitce, learn gotta play to win cuz bad guys return you gotta play to win get past the boss gotta save the princess whatever the cost there's a time when you gotta take life by the reigns grab the bull by the horns and a hundred other cliches fly planes, grab wheels of cars, jump off buildings head to the dentist, get those fillings stand up to wrong men, all over the continent show em you're competent, don't censor your content sport t-shirts saying something awfully rotten dry on low heat, they're 100% cotton sometimes the hero's an average guy who doesn't drive a hummer don't say you're just a turtle or only a plumber don't say you're just a baby dragon with bubbles to blow just a kid from hyrule with crappy a crappy sword and bow when you hear the call you have to head it when destiny calls you have to meet it when they deliver a pizza you have to eat it feel the michael jackson step up an beat it its just a boss level, go on defeat it don't get caught drowing, swim like some semen sometimes faith in something hard to believe in can save the whole universe from monsters or demons so if the dr's robotnik, stand up and stop it if he escapes to space hijack a rocket spin up to warp three once you hop in the cock pit this ain't a game of tag you can't just yell not it You can be the champ you can win it all You can be the champ if you heed the call you gotta win at all costs, losers suck loser gets the fatties, winner gets the sluts winner gets easter eggs after credits secret ending is your championship evidence keep on drinking straight through the puking do whatever ever it takes to be super human if zombies ate your neighbors start blastin and shootin if there's sonic boom, gon on blast that hadouken there's probably treasure if you can raid the ruin keep you're head high when the crowd is booing power up with some milk if the cows is mooin grab that warp whistle and watch em all start oohin friday night when everyone's out train in your basement, don't ever doubt ignore your mom when she begs you to move out climb up that vine, jump in that cloud (reach for that crown) take the wheel from toejam, crash into earth blast to the top, be a jim and a worm don't do it for fame, be your own champion even greats get forgotten just ask little samson the fact is practice, just learn to rap this then chill in 8-8 with the former fat kids stand up to bad guys, your attack must show olivia and layla must be let go this ain't just for you, its for your people want job security, do it right, and you'll get your sequel someone always doubts, but they'll be sorry though save that hot babe and they'll pipe down like mario
freeze don't move right where you are put down that remote, lemme be your levar lets celebrate who you are, read a little babar the elephant in the room is that today's kids are starved they need a imagination, its not very hard you can see the man in the moon with a library card if you take a look check it out i just wrecked my zephyr and the sails won't fly, i'm stuck forever in a land faraway, and i'll have to stay i should known it was gonna be a no good very bad day i should have moved to australia, chilled with kangaroos worn a purple coat with my bright white shoes imagination is endless, but pasta is not that is unless you happen to possess a pasta pot that's magic so i throw a batch in, its starts to grow but i shoulda listened when streganona said no but the best lessons, i've learned have been on my own turns out there's no gila monsters at my new home turns out there's nice monsters underneath my bed and i no longer fear being where the wild things tread i'm starting to understand, how with just a purple crayon i can draw an adventure with only my hand i can dig up dinosaurs and assemble the bones find a buttonless bear and give him a home and travel so far without leaving my chair picking blueberries with sal look out a bear! i'll keep on reading, i'm never gonna stop like pre-jimmy neutron bob fulton stretching soda pop till its endless create a little mischeif like calvin or dennis the day got worse i'm at the dentist but mrs. piggle wiggle and her house upside down and solving a case with encyclopedia brown and chance of rain, from a meatball cloud have turned my frown upside down, my day around now i'm prepared for anything, whatever i do if it rains carrots or there's a phantom toll booth that appears just to test me, or a pirate with a hook got me hooked, its fun come take a look, in a book
Go! Go! Fight the bad guys Go! Go! Even if they get supersized Go! Go! you gotta Risk you lives Go! Go! It's morphin Time how many teens got a surprise a secret identity they try and hide go! go! so if you got a power coin just flip the side its morphin time dynamic duo here to fight some crime like what's up its morphin time heroes naturally selected by intelligent design cuz it seems like villans been writing rhymes we're the straight a's, you're the straight d's we gonna make you go poof like we punched z's when you go turbo, we're gonna go lightspeed just call us like (boop boop boo doo) beep beep we'll go from regular suburban nerds to folk super hero ninja ranger rappers with powers unheard of, rock your ear drums so tap your communicator and beam up back into action, the fight never ends from earth to the moon and back again leaving angel grove girls exposed like lord zedd and totally blowing flutes like tommy did we're the real thing cuz girls always know a futuristic sex robot is just a dildo and we transform and combine to kill those with our own robot made out of dinos widely respected widely adored fighting villans from Rita to the evil Moltor/Norg/Lothor getting girls cuz they all wanna ride in my zord and play with my sword, cuz these other mc's have em totally bored every other second a new hero is born looking up to us like the beaver to ward they don't know they have the power till we show em how to morph cuz i'm pretty sure every hero was previously a dork push your hands out if you wanna transform to a superhero ranger that brings the ninja storm drum some dino thunder, strike a chord and if you're the white ranger sing along with your sword never use your power for personal gain never use your morpher for personal fame keep your identity secret, friendships true don't escalate a battle unless rita forces you spread your wings and you'll defeat the goldars with a little team work you'll be stacking gold bars come on now, its easy and simple don't be stupid now like bulk and skull before: average chunky geek teen after: alt rapping crime fighting machine pick tommy if you're playing with friends cuz he's the only ranger who gets the girl in the end
i rule hyrule with an iron fist that i found in a forrest so deep locked away in a castle that i had to find cuz some asshole kidnapped a damsel and so began my endless quest to save the world from this terrorist no matter how many times he eats my fist ceases to exist, poofs into mist, exploits something i missed and i have to go save some ass complete tasks, sometimes in a mask, sometimes in the future, sometimes in the past sometimes as a wolf, just for laughs gotta find some keys, collect collect rupees hookshot or boomerrang makes these keese freeze and all you haters that sit there laughing grab a wave bird and just see what happens wavedash your ass, your gums stop flapping challenge me in the temple if you doubt the rappin cuz i don't give a fuck if you sheik or ganon you're damage percent gonna be off the map and i'm take it the top, no lifes lost, champ of the nation i don't die that's humiliation cuz my final smash, fuck it, i'll just bash your face in you ain't gonna beat it me, come and face it i am the champ 2 players or 4 i am the one who holds the triforce i max the ko's last one to stand the master hand feared throughout the land i am the bomb cuz i'm packing bombs and if you listen hear the crowd cheer me on cuz i got items on and if you're puny or wimpy like peach or ness well excuseeeeee me princess, i'm the best i'm original, written in stone, you're written in ink the adventure of link, beat in a blink we try to forget you exist cuz you stink as you search around for some potion to drink to save your life or last a little longer but i have a 16 hearts and i'll bet i'm stronger let peach whack me with her arnold palmer i'll act a goron and straight napalm her cuz you're so fucking bad, you're a face palmer you're fucking dead already i'm the embalmer i'm captain N, i'm the game master no mega-man yet, but i'll grab a blaster and dr. wily your ass you're such a disaster and when it comes to swords, i have the master that i pulled from a stone like that disney flick welcome to death mountain, this is it you pull up in your porche i pull up up on a horse cuz all these princesses love epona they hop right up and ride my boner welcome sir to hyrule where i rule and ain't a loner its about time your retired cuz we're tired of your odor my thinks mom i'll stop when i'm older, but i'm a 27 year old wanna be coder the next miyamoto, but for now i yo-yo between eating sleeping and my dojo cuz cuz this is my anthem this is my song when i win the gold we'll all sing along cuz i can outwit and outlast kenny hoang (hwong) in fact he calls me for tips, cuz his games all wrong every time that i grab my bow with silver arrows act like you know cuz i'm bout to blow like a pokemon electrode friday afternoon, my super show hyrule temple 3, 2, 1 GO!
Refrain: i'm chilling out out in the lost world baby getting all the ladies in the lost world baby cuz it gets a little crazy in the lost world baby and i'm falling in love in the lost world baby i ain't the typical dino living in the BC every other dino wants to be me cuz i'm so 2009, metrosexual pedigree i'm a star all these hot compys keep petting me completely divorced, beyonce was a whore and she never seemed to make me go ROAR ROAR still got my time traveling train and my oversized brain bankrupt in the future, but I'm back to reign pop a squat on my throne, like a prehistoric rome lost my record deal, pulled an ET and phoned home just like a mortgage, totally a loan prehistoric emperor ruling with an iron bone the next first caligula, fuckin nothing in particular fucking hot dino mamas i'm a stiff-a-ler ain't fucking looking at chu, i was looking at her i'm looking to flirt, i'm looking to make my heart hurt and i see a lil raptor with them birdlike thighs scaly fucking tail with some green ass eyes with a little amber in her hide like the fly that made me alive i say baby you wanna ride and travel through time you can be my jennifer i'll be your marty mcfly you can be my high school love, my sight for sore eyes or i can be your doc brown, you can swallow my cock down the call me brian wilson cuz i get around, round get around round baby i get all of the girls and i'm setting up shop chillin in the lost world with a boner i pretend to be a player, i'm really just a poet original author romeo and juliet i wrote it shakespeare stole it and i hold it against him to this day he's a phony who stole every word in all of his plays he's a money grubbing idiot clever early london city kid original vanilli didn't write or sing his biggest hits but back to the program, that's pg 13 chicks on my dick in the pan-G a bakers dozen, of dinosaur loving but one stood out man this chick had something maybe her teeth, maybe her claws prominent jaw my horny little triceratops took her out dinner literally at the ivy over by the forrest glen, next to a couple of high trees my hot lil vegetarian chowing down some ferns i even used silverware eating grilled laura dern that it was back to my place which is basically a giant fucking rock she moaned from the size as she jumped on top that's where the term originated...yeah, dinosaurus cock and every single night we make the bedrock we make the bedrock make the make the bedrock killed my first wife in cold blood then kicked back with a cold one but i'm having a blast cuz this new one ain't the old one she's fun we party nightly her exes wanna fight me i rip off their heads as she smiles nicely in her tight jeans what are the chances like rocks falling from above one in a billion chance that i'd fall in love every once in awhile i need pussy so i get it and i find myself a sabertooth tigrette and its electric but otherwise i'm old faithful, one girl for my geyser ok i'm lying, i'm a womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer i only have eyes for you and you and you and her pussy's pussy whether covered in skin scales or fur but now she got pregnant shit's hit the fan lately she keeps screaming, i think she hates me the kid pops out, roar and i just go crazy i hate the thing, it keeps saying i'm the baby i'm the baby well i'm the daddy, i'm a deadbeat a lot i'll miss her forever, future's calling, i'll reclaim the top spot besides paris hilton texted, she wants to bone on her yacht and i quoute "petey its paris, come make my bed rock"
you can't call please don't call you can't call you can't call me anymore it's always the phone just one ringtone means she's alone another one down another one left her another wrong chioce another wrong left turn then its her voice on the line begging to hear mine like somehow she doesn't know i'm not fine like somehow she doesn't see me as a boy i'm just another best friend she'll destroy like a toddler breaking its toys every time she's down she likes to make noise that's when she calls if i were a girl, i'd call i'd call ever guy that ever listened to me whine about some guy who repeatedly lied while i repeatedly cried and was so blind yeah, i'd apologize cuz i'd bet some rich dude's corvette that every dude in this club had a smurfette that he knew he'd never get, but he answered every text took every call, and would always regret and every ho sipping that goose and cran has got 5 numbers and a master plan and she'll never be in love with any of them but as soon as she's needy, she'll call again so no i guess i'm not that tough i don't care, done being dumb i'm calling your bluff cuz when you call I'm messed up cuz there's only one of us that's in love cuz there's only one that's in love cuz there's only one that's not love cuz there's only one so i give up my heart is broken and i've had enough so kiss kiss kiss kiss your girlfriends all night long as sam rosnon plays lindsay's song while your boyfriend gets his thing on with a cutie in a thong (as the dj bangs this song) and you wonder why he's gone so long he was headed to the bathroom hours ago and you're so smashed out on jack and blow acting a ho, so you pull out your phone and ET me, baby, i ain't your home you cannot call me cuz your just so sorry that's life, and i'm so bored of games on these lonely nights and i just can't pretend to care bout lights and bars and fancy cars i drive a 97 neon it could be ours ac and tape deck but you see stars and you even try to call if you got no bars blinded your living so large and giant true loves in your face you can't find it you say you need me now i ain't buying it so leave a voicemail or just be quiet cuz i'm over waiting for you i'm on a diet
shawty you're my boo, you my main ho and we getting down on the dance floo and i love you everywhere you go you know i love you so i wrote this out for you so you would know so can i yap at ya i wanna yap at ya i wanna ya at ya i wanna let you know that you're my ho and take you home and make you moan so kiss my toilet parts i'll kiss your toilet parts i pull up to the club in a car that don't exist it's got rims, gps, ps4's, its got chicks paint job changes twice a night candy coated go on taste the rainbow if you like lick it lick, suck suck baby just don't bite it if you wanna ride pull shirt up if you excited down on your knees, please, if you wanna get knighted cuz my clothes glow and sparkle shiny shiny and when i ride my whores in the club you can find me front and center, neverending bender if a ho steps outta line, pull an urkle and suspend her cut off her funds, cut off her ones i'm vip i don't want none if you got buns hun so we kick down the doors find some trim and just start eyein it so many cuties booties so little time i haven't decided then in the strobe is this ho with diamond eyelids banging smile bouncing boobs man she can have my kids or we can adopt cuz she's hot and i'm not one to waste away what the lord gives and i stride to her side and straddle her fine hips the finest and this is what i whisper to her ears with my lips i wanna grab wanna grope wanna gaze wanna yap at ya can i take a snap for my myspace, can i get your picture can i get your ass out them jeans prolly not cuz its like nothing i've ever scene cuz she got them shoes with the holes where her toes show so sexy 8 inch heels, tits faux real, go on feel, flexy flexy legs behind her head right out in my backseat she spent her stimulus check some baggies of weed and her hdtv, so i can watch esp-n while she gives me head on the weekends and babe i promise that i'll dress you up in nothing less than gucci stuff with prada bags not lauren conrags, you're no hills slut, i promise babe you're worth it and i love when you climb up on a pole and work it the way you move's electric and i'm a circuit you flow through me like a wave and i gotta surf it got aids syphillis and gonorrea more worms crawling through me than crawling through aailyah so i'll see ya feeling 6th grade cuz I wouldn't wanna be ya bing bang bong ding check my onomatopeoia i don't care if that turns you off or sumthin there's a million other shorties out there waiting for a humpin but if you wanna be my main ho, the engine is runnin and why not grab a friend or two come on shawty jump in
put you hands up, raise em really high shake your junk side to side make em wonder if they're ready for a ride make all get ready to drop their fly make em forget to look you in the eye make em bend over and shake their behind let em know you ain't lying, shake it with pride show off your bulge make em all wanna glide cuz time's wastin its half past the hour are you prince adam, or do you have the power should your be worshiped or are you a bower are we talking ranch house or a penthouse tower are you gonna come early or will you stay up late are you a fuckbuddy or just a first date are you some tofu are are you the steak cuz if you're the man, let that thing shake shake your dicks wave your nis come move it just like this get those dudes or grab those chicks it doesn't matter which just make sure you wave it wave it swing it like you're naked if you got a big thing, that's ready for a swing just make sure that its shakin sh sh sh sh show them girls sh sh sh sh show them boys if you you got a nice nis make them wish make em wanna kiss make em twitch ooh till they make some noise girls wiggle and show them tits when the boys in the club all shake those dicks if you got a nice package come on wave that nis let me show you how its done come on move like this when i see a diiiick shaking i wanna take it out when i see a diiiick shaking i wanna put it in my mouth when i see a diiiick shaking it makes me wanna shout when i see a diiiick shakingit makes me start to sprout so wave your nis like a flag straights and gladd nothing wrong with that shakins the new fad gays grab a guy, girls grab a man almost said the f word, there cuz it rhymed my bad i meant no harm, i ain't trying to offend i'm just a weather girl trying to make it rain men i'm trying to get britney spears pregnant again i'm trying to hypnotize your eyes with my shaking lil ben come on spray some liquor cock it hard and pull the trigger bounce around the club like a drunken tigger make it bigger, till we all sweat if you XX you better be erect cuz its gonna get intense like camping everybody pitch tents and start dancing if this dance could kill they'd call it manson something bout the shake makes ya more handsome pants got y'all dicks hostage, someone pay the random and don't forget to include the chicks girls if you're left out just strap on some dicks and shake sha ke shake shake shake that dildo and if you got it in your shirt giggle those pillows every buffy in the house try kissing a willow and every guy kinda scared just grab your best bro march your back pussy's straight to the dance flo and gay or straight get a little homo and....


released February 4, 2012

Ben Garbe aka $ucksex, Schooly Bus
Mitchell Robert Adams aka Saltine
Andrew Nielsen aka MC Lars
Keith Moore aka Beefy
Bryce Case aka YTCracker
Sean Jordan aka Wordburglar

Corey Wills
Ben Garbe
Elijah Lucian


all rights reserved


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