Cumming Home - A Parody Remix of Coming Home by Diddy - Dirty Money and Skyler Gray

by Former Fat Boys, Sugartits

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This track is a parody of the Diddy - Dirty Money and Skyler Gray song Coming Home from the album Last Train To Paris.


i was born with an overly large prostate
even propecia couldn't kill my libido
i'm gonna make these shitty ghost written diddy lyrics
even worse
y'all wanna have loads of fun?
i wanna take y'all on an epical journey
who's coming with me?

your mom said i say too many bad words
now her daughters backwards and her ass hurts
on her knees tongue out family disgrace
my gabby giffords taking shots the face
we're talking cum shots
like exploding blood clots
peter north on crack with six balls and two cocks
so ladies take em off you're gonna need them tube socks
i'mma explode cuz you're bout to blow like a michael bay plot
cuz i'm horny like a gay wolf you're like huh?
who just saw a boy wolf wait i'm not done
and they climbed up a mountain and waited till dusk
and took turns bustin wolf loads and emptying wolf nuts
what i'm trying to spray is just pure dna
diddy made the track i'm just filling in his blanks
like a mad lib book i found at a fuckin sperm bank
i verb in the noun of an adjective noun swear skank i'm

i got two chicks in my van
turn the radio on
your sisters hate gay songs while mouthin my schlong

why you gotta use that n word
i'm gonna ignore
and fuck these fucking twin chicks
and send you sex pics
both your baby sisters faces fucking messes
bro i'm sirius fuckin xxxm
is that too mean? nah baby press send
then make some twitvids
fuck a condom give em stds
bust insideways new kids
on the block joey mcintyre cock in her ass is
this for the masses tits and asses, nah spray it on her glasses

ho touchdown,
that's my track

it's perfect sex music
i hear that every day
they say i'm bloodhound gang
channeling some marvin gaye
so she chugs and glugs on my mini-thug daily
and her friends whip they hair outta the spray its fugazi
na that words overused just say they're blown away
dripping soaking wet needing an umbrella ella eh
like rihanna my meat's gonna get beat
then it's her turn for a nice meal, what's say we eat out
you can be cytheria and make us need a new couch


released September 23, 2014


all rights reserved


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